Reimagining the Civic Commons

200 Plates on Summit Lake

200 Plates: Community meal on Summit Lake; photo and video credit: Tim Fitzwater

Last month, Akron Civic Commons put trust, collaboration and mixing across diversity into action at 200 Plates, a community meal on the shores of picturesque Summit Lake. In partnership with the League of Creative Interventionists, residents and leaders from the Summit Lake neighborhood joined Civic Commons Studio participants at a 200′ table to break bread and enjoy an evening in the commons.

200 Plates Summit Lake

photo credit: Tim Fitzwater

Celebrating the power of the civic commons, together.

While a lakeside meal may seem simple. It is these types of simple acts done with intention and over time that make a welcoming civic commons.

After decades of disinvestment that eroded trust, we’re proud to support strong relationships and a foundation for true civic engagement in Akron neighborhoods. 

200 Plates Summit Lake

photo credit: Tim Fitzwater

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